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14 January 2013, SOUTH ELGIN - Police are warning residents about a couple who entered a home in the village Thursday and accessed the homeowner’s computer by telling the resident they were FBI agents investigating child porn.

The pair — a man and a woman — went to the home, displayed some sort of identification and told the resident an Internet provider address involved in a child pornography case was traced back to that residence, a release from South Elgin police said.

The homeowner let the two in, and they attached a thumb drive to a computer and ran some items on it, the release said. Police said it was not yet known what the couple took from — or installed on — the computer. A check with the FBI revealed no agents were in the area.

The two were described as a man in his 40s with salt and pepper hair, wearing a gray vest and blue jeans. The woman was described as in her 30s, with dark hair, wearing dark-colored business attire. They drove a dark blue Chevrolet Malibu with no license plates.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 847-741-2151. Police warn residents to always question whether someone is actually a police officer, even if they have to call 911 and have an officer dispatched to their home to verify a person’s identity

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